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T Türkiye is recovering from the devastating earthquake disaster Gökçen Parlar Ünal [email protected] Editor ürkiye was shaken by two earthquakes on February 6, 2023. AFAD announced the magnitudes of the two earthquakes on February 6 as 7.7 and 7.6, and their depths as 8.6 and 7 km. According to the US Geological Agency (USGS) data, seven different large and medium-large earthquakes, the smallest of which was 5.7, occurred within 11 hours from 04.17 on February 6, when the first earthquake occurred. Therefore, it is possible to talk about a chain of earthquakes in the region, especially on the first day. Türkiye is still recovering from the disaster, but the scale of the devastation in 11 provinces is quite large. Therefore, we can say that the region’s economic and social recovery process will continue for several years. Louisa Vinton, Resident Representative of the United Nations (UN) Development Program (UNDP) in Türkiye, said that the cost of the earthquakes to Türkiye is estimated to be more than $100 billion. Speaking on March 16 in Brussels ahead of a donor conference for earthquake victims, Vinton said, “It is clear from the calculations made to date, and what the government has presented and what international partners have verified, that the damage will exceed $100 billion.” This is equivalent to 11.6 percent of Türkiye’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2021. Vinton, who attended the meeting via video from Gaziantep, said this figure only covers Türkiye for now. Vinton described Hatay, one of the hardest-hit provinces in Türkiye, as a “scene of doom”. On March 6, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the death toll from the February 6 earthquake in Kahramanmaraş had risen to 46,104. “The number of collapsed, emergency collapse and heavily damaged buildings in our 11 cities in the earthquake zone reaches 230,000 and the number of independent sections in these buildings reaches 645,000,” Erdoğan said. The number of people staying in tents was announced as 1 million 440 thousand. The earthquake not only showed us the mistakes we made, but also taught us lessons that have been paid dearly. It is the greatest wish of all of us that our country never repeats its mistakes again. New constructions in the region will be built with great care, taking into account the earthquake reality. Many municipalities outside the disaster zone have created emergency action plans and started to take measures quickly against possible new disasters. durability tests of existing buildings and retrofitting-evacuation works are continuing at full speed. In the process, countries from all over the world rushed to help. The teams who returned to their countries with tears in their eyes told that people who had lost everything were carrying food and tea to them. All the teams that came to support and help us in this great disaster, all the aid sent, all the means mobilized and all the people who hugged each other in the disaster area without discriminating language, religion and nation reminded each of us that all the peoples of the world are brothers and sisters and that love is the strongest medicine. We thank everyone and hope that such a disaster will never happen again anywhere in the world. 3 2023

The International Roads Federation (IRF) selected the 1915Çanakkale Bridge and Motorway Project as the most successful project of the year in the field of construction methodology, due to innovative methods and engineering solutions implemented in a record four-year completion time. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge was awarded the first prize in the Construction Methodology category at the award ceremony held in Washington, the capital of the UnitAironn Fan Technology was preferred in the 360-meter building of the Central Bank, which is located in the middle of the Istanbul International Finance Center project, which is built as the tallest building in Europe, together with the antenna towers. With a construction area of 2 million 500 thousand square meters, including 560 thousand square meters of offices, 90 thousand square meters of shopping malls, 70 thousand square meters of hotels and 60 thousand square meters of residences, the Istanbul International Finance Center will employ 30 thousand people. Aironn A.Ş. manufactures all block fans and the parking lot jet fan system in the building of the Central Bank, which is preparing to move to its new campus, which has 67 floors including the basement floor on a construction area of 15 thousand 960 square meters on 3328 block 10 parcel. ed States, on the evening of November 2, 2022 by the International Road Federation (IRF). Founded in 1948 and the umbrella organization of the international highway industry, the International Road Federation (IRF), based in the USA - Washington, held the IRF Global Roads Achievement Awards within the scope of the Roads to Tomorrow Conference held in Washington between October 31 and November 3, 2022. Each of the fans produced in Aironn A.Ş.’s facility, which is equipped with test laboratories and has an infrastructure suitable for Industry 4.0, is shipped after completing quality control tests. While adding the Central Bank to its mega project references, Aironn A.Ş., the expert organization of fan engineering, stands out in above-the-line projects with its energy efficient, operation and environmentally friendly devices and globally sought-after and preferred certification. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge was Selected as the Most Successful Project of the Year in Construction Methodology Aironn Fan Systems Preferred in Europe’s Tallest Building Ahal’s new center will be Turkmenistan’s first “smart” city. The new administrative center of Ahal province is being built in a picturesque place at the foot of Kopetdag, and to preserve this natural beauty, “green” technologies should be widely used. Intelligent systems are being used to provide all opportunities for a comfortable life, productive work, good rest, sports, creativity. The new residential center is equipped with modern technologies and a digital system, including primary and secondary vocational schools, art schools, a health house, a secondary school for 720 people, an International School of Horse Breeding, a kindergarten for 320 people, a stadium for 10 thousand people, parks, entertainment and shopping areas, a hotel, a bank, a multidisciplinary sports complex and a 360-bed hospital, an oncology medical center with 150 beds, a maternal and child health medical center with 150 beds, and 7-storey residential buildings. Aldağ A.Ş. also took its place in Turkmenistan’s first “smart city”. Fancoil units with a cooling capacity between 2.28 - 4.10 kW, produced at Aldağ A.Ş. Manisa Akhisar Plant, will be used in this new environmentally friendly living center. These units are produced with digital control technologies in line with project demands and expectations. In addition, 3 millimeter thick thermal insulation that prevents sweating to ensure longevity, construction made of 0.8 -1 millimeter galvanized sheet metal, painted with electrostatic powder paint and baked, are among the design features. In addition to a modern, aesthetic and stylish appearance, the units are equipped with ABS plastic louvers and movable side covers for easy access to the control panel and a specially designed slide-out filter that can be easily removed. These filters are G2 class, washable and made of polypropylene material. Aldag Signature in Turkmenistan’s “First Smart City” 4 2023 News

Bülbül Mah. Irmak Cad. No:40, 34435 Beyoğlu / İstanbul / TURKEY Phone: +90 (212) 250 15 00 pbx Fax: +90 (212) 250 15 89 E-ma l: sat s@fr goterm.com.tr www.frigoterm.com.tr Ax al Fan Coldroom Led Lighting Systems

Alarko Carrier Will Open a New Market in Europe with its Heat Pump International Luxury Brands Preferred ATLANTİK EWH Heat Pumps İstinye Park Shopping Mall, one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Istanbul, continues to host world brands. HERMES and CHANEL stores, which recently took their place in the shopping center, preferred ATLANTİK brand water source heat pumps for the air conditioning system. New generation ATLANTİK EWH series water source heat pumps are used in many prestigious stores, especially large retail stores within the scope of the project. ATLANTİK EWH series heat pumps, which rank first in the preference of stores in the retail sector with their advantageous features such as low electricity consumption, low noise level, easy fault detection, ease of installation, fast service and fast delivery from stock, have reached 11 thousand references in more than 150 shopping mall and office projects. Thanks to its ability to operate at maximum water inlet temperatures of 50 °C in cooling and 40 °C in heating, it can operate for a long time without malfunctioning in case of possible problems caused by the tower-boiler system. The display of 19 fault codes on the smart thermostat offered as standard provides the user with ease of operation and reduces service and maintenance costs. ISKID (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association) hosted Eurovent Summit, Europe’s largest HVAC&R sector meeting organized every two years, with the European EUROVENT Association this year. The main theme of the Eurovent Summit was “Building Bridges” and the focus of Eurovent Summit was to build bridges for manufacturers and consultants, planners, installers, trade associations and bureaucrats between Europe and neighboring geographies for more sustainable, community touching, environmentally sensitive industrial products and systems. Eurovent Summit brought together more than 500 key industry representatives from Europe and beyond, creatEuropean HVAC&R Sector Met in Antalya on October 25-28, 2022 ing new business partnerships. In more than 50 meetings organized during the 4-day summit, current developments in the sector were discussed in sessions and panels for professionals working in the fields of “Indoor Air Conditioning (HVAC)”, “Process Cooling” and “Food Cold Chain Technologies”. T urning its route to export, Alarko Carrier aims to increase its export share in its turnover to 30 percent in five years, with one of its new products, the heat pump. Alarko Carrier, one of the pioneers of the Turkish Air Conditioning industry, has turned its route to exports in recent years. The brand, which exports 95 percent of its air handling units, aims to increase its exports to Europe for the heat pump, where it will start production. The brand has announced that it will take its place in the South American, Middle Eastern and European markets by the end of the year. “This year has been the year of R&D” Stating that 2022 is the year of R&D and innovation for Alarko Carrier, General Manager Cem Akan said, “We conduct joint studies and tests with TÜBİTAK and universities in R&D facilities to continuously improve our products. We also develop our products with technology transfers from Carrier. This year, we allocated approximately 2 percent of our turnover to R&D investments in order to develop high-tech products suitable for the needs of the Turkish and world markets. With our R&D team of 55 people in total, we are working on hydrogen combi boiler, heat pump, circulation pump, new capacities and connecting to automation, EC fan fancoil and R454B rooftop.” 6 2023 News

Daikin will start construction of its new R&D center building in April 2023. The existing R&D center, which currently operates on an area of 2,700 square meters, will reach a size of 6,000 square meters with the new investment. The investment cost of the new R&D center building, which is planned to be commissioned in April 2024, has been determined as 3.5 million Euros. The new R&D center building, whose construction will start in April 2023, is designed as 4,500 square meters. One thousand 200 square meters of the existing R&D center building will be moved to the new building. Thus, the need for new assembly and R&D space that potential growth will bring will be met. The new building, which will improve the office space of R&D employees, will also reÇukurova Isı, one of the leading and leading brands of its sector with its high-tech radiant heating solutions, is at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair, which is held in Milan, Italy and is one of the most important specialization fairs of the world, especially for the air conditioning sector; It won great acclaim with its environmentally friendly, efficient and innovative products. Çukurova Isı, which presents Goldsun electric heaters, Goldsun ceramic plate radiant devices and Silversun tubular type radiant heaters to the visitors, exhibited the Blackheat tube radiant heaters, which it started to produce in its factory in Türkiye with the Roberts-Gordon license, for the first time at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair. Çukurova Isı signed a license agreement with the American Roberts Gordon LLC, for which it has been the distributor in Türkiye and the Middle East for more than 30 years, in the last quarter of 2021 for the manufacture of Blackheat brand tubular radiant heating systems. With this agreement, the company, which is Roberts-Gordon’s “European Production Base”, produces all of Roberts Gordon’s Blackheat brand products in Türkiye; It also obtained the right to export to EU countries, the UK and the countries around Türkiye. Blackheat tubular radiant heating systems, which stand out in the sector with their high efficiency values, provide up to 94.6% combustion efficiency, providing energy savings of up to 50% in the heating of businesses and industrial facilities. Blackheat technology, which reduces the energy consumption in businesses and industrial facilities, contributes to the development of a climate-free economy by reducing carbon emissions from heating. Daikin to Invest 3.5 Million Euros for New R&D Center Building Çukurova Isı Exhibited Blackheat Tubular Radiant Heaters Produced in its Factory in Türkiye for the First Time in Italy spond to the increase in employment in both production and R&D in line with potential growth. Serving as one of the most powerful R&D centers in the region, the center has so far developed split air conditioners, natural gas boilers and combi boilers, duct and cassette type fan coils and air handling units for individual or central systems for Türkiye, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and CIS countries. Europe’s Highest Capacity Laboratory Testing Data Center Cooling Systems Opens in Türkiye With 365 Performance Center, Systemair Group’s first data center test laboratory investment in the world, Türkiye’s strategic location and export potential are carried to the global arena. Sweden-based global air conditioning giant Systemair opened Europe’s state-ofthe-art Data Center Test Laboratory 365 Performance Center in Türkiye. Systemair, which exports patented technologies produced in Türkiye to more than 25 countries, has invested 20 million TL in its factory in Dilovası and the laboratory is the highest capacity data center test laboratory in Europe. The facility, which is Systemair Group’s first investment in the field of data centers, is aimed to bring a breath of fresh air to data center cooling solutions in the world. Leading the industry in data center solutions for many years, Systemair continues to make a difference with its advanced vision in this field, which is one of the most important investment areas in the world. The company, which produces carbon-efficient and highly efficient devices, works with consultants and designers to develop the best engineering solution and optimize the environmental impact of its products, offers ready-made solutions for data centers as well as turnkey solutions customized according to the conditions of the enterprises. Systemair, which recently signed a giant investment to respond to the increasing air conditioning needs in data centers, chose Türkiye for this investment. Opening 365 Performance Center, the most modern and high-capacity data center test laboratory in Europe, the company aims to open a new curtain in data center cooling solutions worldwide. With 365 Performance Center, Systemair will carry out factory acceptance tests, which are indispensable for data center cooling systems, within its own structure. With this investment, Systemair aims to carry the strategic position and export power of its production facility in Türkiye to a different point. 8 2023 News

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An international online webinar on “Alternative and Natural Refrigerants” was organized within the framework of the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE learning program project, of which SOSIAD from Türkiye is one of the National Lead Partners. The webinar attracted great interest worldwide and was watched by 370 participants. The presentations in English were simultaneously translated into six languages, including Turkish. The training on “Use of Flammable Refrigerants” was given by Marino Bassi, Expert Trainer from ATF Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians, and Kıvanç Aslantaş, Member of the Board of Directors of SOSİAD, made a presentation on “Sample Applications for Carbon Dioxide Systems”. The first speaker of the seminar, Marco Buoni, President of the European Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Association (AREA), introduced the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE learning program. While giving information about the materials on the website www.realalternatives.eu, Buoni drew attention to the following points: “The training materials on the website are available in 17 languages to make the most of the 20 countries involved in the project. There are free downloadable training materials on refrigerants including flammable refrigerants (HCs, HFOs, Low GWP mixtures), Ammonia. The training consists of 9 modules. Licensed trainings are provided in laboratories with the necessary equipment in each country, focusing on safety issues, with best practice examples. These trainings can be on-site or remote. Theory and practical certifications continue in the project member countries. Over 2 thousand people have been certified so far.” “We Need Better Energy Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption Systems and Use of Renewable Energy” Didier Coulomb, General Manager of IIFIIR, gave information about IIR, which was founded in 1908 and currently has more than 950 member organizations from 59 countries, in his presentation titled “The Importance of Training and Certification”: “The importance of refrigeration is increasing day by day all over the world. The need for cold chain for food safety is increasing. Population is increasing, cooling capacity is ten times less in developing countries than in developed countries. One out of every two medicines sold, especially vaccines, is sensitive to heat. Global energy needs for air conditioning will triple by 2050. New technologies in IT, biotechnologies and space exploration require temperature stabilization. Heat pumps are likely to play a unique role in the energy systems of the future. Gas liquefaction (hydrogen, CO2), cryogenic applications in hospitals, and many more are creating a need for more skilled technicians in refrigeration. Refrigeration is responsible for 7.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Refrigeration accounts for 20% of global energy consumption and the graph is rising. We need better energy efficiency, low energy consumption systems and the use of renewable energy. We need to promote the use of low GWP and natural refrigerants as much as possible. Low-GWP refrigerants can be flammable, toxic or operate under high pressure. In the EU, technicians working in this field must be certified.” Blanca Gomez (CNI) from Spain, Liana Ghahramanyan (Shirakatsy Lyceum) from Armenia, Prof. Gratiela Tarlea (AGFR) from Romania, Stepan Stojanov (SCHKT) from Czechia and Peter Tomlein (SZCHKT) from Slovakia took the floor to share their experiences on the training process of REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE project partners in Europe. The speakers gave information about the trainings, training centers and the number of certified technicians in their countries within the scope of the project. Gabriela Biernat, Sales Representative of IGLOO, certified by Prozon Foundation, commented on the “Flammable Refrigerants Training” she received. Graeme Maidment, Professor at London South Bank University, summarized the Net Zero process that started with RealZero in 2008, continued with RealSkills and extended to the REAL Alternatives project. Miriam Rodway, Chair of the IOR Board of Directors, gave a brief information about the “Women in Refrigeration” Network, which they established in 2016 on June 23rd Women Engineers Day, and invited everyone to join this network, whether they are IOR members or not. Miriam Rodway, in her speech titled REAL Alternatives E-Learning Experience, summarized the 9 training modules with a special emphasis on the 1st and 2nd module titled Introduction to Alternative Refrigerants and Safety and Risk Management. Mr. Rodway provided information on the types of E-Learning Certificates and the requirements to apply. ATF and CSG’s Expert Trainer Marino Bassi’s informative presentation titled “Handling Flammable Refrigerants” summarized the following topics: R32, R1234yf, R123ze, R290 (Propane), R1270 (Propene) and R600a (Isobutane) which are flammable alternative refrigerants, including R744 (CO2) and R717 (Ammonia-NH3), general information on their characteristics, classification of equipment layouts for safety reasons, service procedures, risk assessment, protective measures, service equipment considerations, leak tests, refrigerant charging and recovery. The last speaker of the webinar, SOSİAD Expert Trainer Kıvanç Aslantaş; In his informative presentation titled “Sample Applications for Carbon Dioxide Systems”, he conveyed information under the following headings: History of the use of carbon dioxide in refrigeration systems, main features, operating pressure, system types, use of pressure relief valves, performance, special equipment used, component replacement, safety, legal obligations, operating environment, charging and discharging, maximum charge limit, fluid leaks and market situation, suitability. The webinar ended with a Q&A session moderated by Marco Buoni. With this webinar, it was once again emphasized how important the use of “New Generation and Natural Refrigerants” is in terms of a sustainable environment and energy efficiency with precautions and proper design. Alternative and Natural Refrigerants Webinar Held with a Large International Participation 10 2023 News

Daikin Türkiye commissioned the production facility of outdoor units using VRV technology, which will increase exports by 100 million Euros. Many high-level bureaucrats also attended the opening ceremony of the production facility of outdoor units using VRV technology, which breaks new ground in central air conditioning, with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank. Daikin Türkiye will increase its exports by 100 million Euros, which was 262 million Euros according to the results of the 2021 fiscal year, with the new VRV production facility commissioned at its factory in Hendek on May 25, 2022. Equipped with the latest technology, the production De Dietrich, one of the six global brands of BDR Thermea Group, has made an ambitious entry into Türkiye. Combining more than three centuries of experience with the technology of the future and elegant French design, De Dietrich is recognized as an expert in the air conditioning sector worldwide. In Türkiye, De Dietrich offers premium products and solutions in four categories: heating, cooling, renewable energy and water heaters with the slogan “For those who want a lot”. The brand face of De Dietrich in Türkiye, which is also very ambitious in terms of customer experience and promises fast and competent after-sales service to its users, is the famous actor Yetkin Dikinciler, who has won the love, admiration and trust of his audience with his charisma, eloquence, artistic background and successful works for many years. De Dietrich Kombi Targets 25 Percent Market Share in Premium Segment BDR Thermea Türkiye CEO Ender Çolak said, “As you know, BDR Thermea Group continues its activities in Türkiye under the Baymak brand. I believe that De Dietrich, which is both an important part of the BDR Thermea Group, which brings a sustainaForm Endüstri Tesisleri was selected as the most successful business partner of 2021 by the German company Lamilux. Form, which is the distributor of Lamilux brand in Türkiye in smoke evacuation, natural ventilation, natural lighting and roof skylight systems, was deemed worthy of this award with its successful sales graph. German Lamilux, which has decades of experience in the field of flat roofs, continues to develop its products and customize them to the needs of its customers with the value it attaches to R&D. Lamilux Roof Skylight Systems and Smoke Evacuation Covers, offered for sale by Form Endüstri Tesisleri, bring innovation to the building sector with their environmentally friendly and innovative product features. These covers, which consist of a frame in the roof connection and an acrylic glass piece on top, prevent the effect of the sun’s harmful rays with SUN Pro technology. The product, which also has a skylight system function, provides natural lighting in the places where it is used. With its environmentally friendly structure, it helps to minimize energy expenditures of businesses. facility, which was completed in 4 months and has an investment cost of EUR 13 million, will produce approximately 50 thousand VRV outdoor units annually, as well as provide employment for 200 bluecollar workers. While 30 percent of the production will be utilized in the domestic market, 70 percent will be exported to Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, ble future closer and makes it accessible with smart air conditioning solutions, and one of the world-famous brands of the group, will add strength to our power in Türkiye. With De Dietrich, we aim to reach a total of 50 thousand combi boilers, 20 thousand air conditioners and 2,000 heat pumps in the premium segment in Türkiye within three years with a 25% market share. We are growing day by day with our 24/7 customer service support line, our authorized service point and our understanding of perfect customer satisfaction. In 2023, we aim to reach 400 dealers and 250 services in our journey that we started with 150 dealers and 52 services.” Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Northern Iraq, Mongolia and TRNC in the Middle East and Daikin Türkiye, thus making a significant contribution to the national economy. VRV outdoor units produced with Japanese technology are recognized as products with the highest seasonal efficiency in air conditioning systems. Daikin Türkiye Opens VRV Technology Outdoor Unit Production Facility with 13 Million Euro Investment Combining Over Three Centuries of Experience with the Technology of the Future, De Dietrich is in Türkiye “Most Successful Business Partner: Form” 12 2023 News

Klea is at the Service of Turkish Refrigeration Sector with Frigoduman Assurance Frigoduman will respond to refrigerant gas demands from America and Europe with Koura’s Klea brand products. Frigoduman announced its new product group after the refrigerant gas filling facility investment completed in 2021. Klea 134a, one of the refrigerant gases shipped to Türkiye from Koura’s facilities in the UK under the Klea brand, is of American origin. The company, which has been supplying the Klea brand to the world for many years under the name Mexichem, changed its name to Orbia with its subcompanies such as Netafim, Wavin and Koura, which were separated according to industries as a result of the acquisitions it made for a period, and was completely renewed in 2019 with its new mission and identity. Koura, Orbia’s fluorinated solutions group, produces fluorine-based products, technologies and services. With two active fluorine mines and longstanding material knowledge, it produces chemicals for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction and transportation. Klea, a refrigerant gas brand, has gases other than R134a, R404a, R407c and R410a that are alternative to carbon dioxide, low pressure refrigerant gas, alternative to gases with high KIP value such as R22 and R404a, and low carbon dioxide equivalent. They also continue to work on alternative gases that may be needed. Frigoduman aims to introduce new generation gases to the Turkish refrigeration sector together with Koura and to support its business partners in the transition to new generation gases. Friterm Evaporators Receive Eurovent Certificate As a result of long-term R&D studies, Friterm took its first step in Eurovent’s Heat Exchanger (HE) certification program by certifying its Dry Coolers in August 2018. Having completed the certification process for the Condenser product group as of February 2020, Friterm completed the certification process for the DX (Direct Expansion) room cooler product group as of December 2021 and at the end of the process, it received Eurovent certification approval by the certification body ECC (Eurovent Certita Certification) and expanded its certified product range. In the statement made by the company, “Friterm, which favors clearly defined and reliable product performances in the sector, has proved the reliability of the data presented in its products in the parameters of ‘capacity’, ‘air flow rate’, ‘engine power’, ‘pressure loss’ and ‘sound level’ by certifying its products. Friterm, which is one of the 9 companies in the world with Eurovent certification in dry coolers, condensers and DX room cooler product groups, continues to maintain its Eurovent Certification leadership in the sector as the only company in Türkiye with Eurovent certified dry coolers, condensers and room coolers.” General Filter Havak and BION Cooperation in Türkiye Molecular Filtration Market General Filter Havak and BİON companies will now walk together in the Turkish market on “Molecular Filtration”. ISTANBUL and ANKARA GENERAL FILTER HAVAK & BION “Molecular Filtration” seminar, where activated carbon, zeolite and alumina based filter media combinations, filters and filter equipment, which are tested and applied as a result of the latest technological researches on the retention of certain gases affecting corrosion, odor and indoor air quality with the most efficient chemical media, were introduced and application details were conveyed, was completed with intense participation. The wide range of products and up-to-date technological solutions offered in the field of Molecular Filtration are used in hospitals and petro-chemical plants, as well as in data center projects where molecular filtration is important, waste water treatment plants, kitchen ventilation. 13 2023 News

The A.C.E. Awards, organized by Şikayetvar, Türkiye’s most comprehensive and end-to-end platform for measuring customer satisfaction, were held at Çırağan Palace Kempinski on Tuesday, March 8. Ferroli Türkiye - Bestherm İklimlendirme received the Diamond award in the Heating Systems category of “Achievement in Customer Excellence - Excellent Customer Satisfaction” organized by sikayetvar.com. After Sales Services crowned its success with the first prize again this year. Seyit Gürkan Arık, Sales and Marketing Manager, received the award together with his team: “As Ferroli Türkiye family, we are honored to receive this award as the leader for 2 consecutive years. I would like to thank our hard-working colleagues working in Production, R&D, Sales and other departments who contributed to our success as much as After Sales Services. I dedicate our award to the women employees of our company and celebrate International Women’s Day for all women. I wish us continued success as a team and I would like to present our award to Serap Erakçora, our Assistant General Manager, who is the chief architect of our organization.” Şikayetvar, where 150 thousand brands, 7.5 million individual members and millions of monthly visitors meet, has determined the brands that provide excellent customer experience for the seventh time with 20 years of experience. At the A.C.E Awards, which is based on the complaint management carried out by brands, Şikayetvar conducts over 1 and a half million surveys annually for complaining customers. The A.C.E Awards presented to brands are measured based on the “Customer Experience Index” created by surveys conducted with real consumers. “Our Natural Gas Reserves in the Black Sea, Reaching 710 Billion Cubic Meters, Will Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Energy” Natural Gas Equipment Industrialists and Businessmen Association (DOSIDER) made a statement on “Türkiye’s current situation in natural gas”. The statement made by the association is as follows: “The addition of 58 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves found by our Fatih Drilling Ship in Çaycuma-1 drilling to the natural gas reserves discovered in the Black Sea in recent years, reaching a total of 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea, is a very important development that will reduce our country’s dependence on foreign energy. Considering that almost all of the natural gas, which has become indispensable for the people of our country, is currently imported from abroad, both these new gas reserve discoveries and the fact that the total capacity of the Silivri natural gas storage facility, the new phase of which was inaugurated last week, has reached 4.6 billion cubic meters, as well as the capacity development works in the Tuz Lake storage area are developments that we attach great importance to and closely follow in terms of natural gas supply security. We are pleased to see that our country, which has a strong infrastructure with 7 international natural gas pipelines, 4 LNG facilities including 2 floating storage and gasification units (FSRU) and 2 underground natural gas storage facilities, is about to become a center in natural gas trade. In addition to the 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea, which we hope will contribute significantly to our country’s needs in the coming decades, our country is also in a critical position in terms of transporting Eastern Mediterranean, Turkmen, Iraqi and even Russian gas, which is likely to be supplied to the market in the coming period, to European markets. With the advantage of having the only gas trade market in the region, we believe that our country is moving towards its goal of becoming a center in natural gas trade”. Perfect Consumer Satisfaction Award to Ferroli Türkiye The Eurovent family continues to expand with its newest member, Eneko, one of Türkiye’s leading ventilation and air conditioning manufacturers. Eneko was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Izmir, Türkiye, focusing on manufacturing high efficiency ventilation and air conditioning equipment. The production facility has a test laboratory that performs internal and external leakage, pressure and thermodynamic tests. On Monday, September 19, at the Eurovent Board of Directors meeting held at its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Eneko was officially approved to join the Eurovent family. Following the approval of the membership, Eneko R&D Project Engineer Alper Mete Genç said, “Being accepted as a Eneko Becomes a New Member of Eurovent Corresponding Member of the Eurovent family will give our company a new vision. With some of our products being Eurovent certified, Eneko will not only be a part of the Eurovent certification, but also an organization that contributes to the Eurovent family. The mutual sharing of knowledge and experience will increase the value of both parties. I would like to thank all my managers and colleagues who contributed to our becoming a part of Eurovent.” 14 2023 News

İmbat Signature at International Airports İmbat aircraft passenger walking bridge air conditioners provide both effective performance and ease of use with their lightweight body structure in dimensions compatible with the bridge and the ability to operate at different outdoor temperatures. İmbat HSE-U series passenger walking bridge air conditioners, which can operate in different outdoor weather conditions, are designed as 4 models in the range of 15-38 kW. One each is used in the fixed and movable parts of the bridge that connects to the aircraft and provides air conditioning inside the bridge in 20 minutes. The devices are manufactured with high efficiency, scroll type compressor suitable for no-load take-off with IDV technology, axial type, self-motorized, silent and highly efficient condenser fan, EC plug circulation fan. İmbat passenger walking bridge air conditioners, a hundred percent domestic design product, have been designed for the world markets and are used in major airports of the world today. As the first references; Russia Khabarovsk airport, Kazakhstan (Turkistan, HazretSultan International Airport), Niger and Philippines airports were preferred. In 2022, the walking bridges of Sierra Leone airport in southwest Africa will be air conditioned with İmbat air conditioners. In addition, the Cukurova Airport, which is under construction between Adana and Mersin and will be opened shortly, also has Imbat’s signature on its walkway bridges. T he European Society for Engineering Education SEFI (Société Européenne pour la Formation d’Ingénieurs) awarded the SEFI Fellowship to Prof. Dr. Şirin Tekinay this year. Prof. Tekinay is the first Turkish recipient of this award since 1995. Each year, SEFI honors a scientist who has made valuable contributions to engineering research, education and training worldwide with the SEFI Fellowship award. Prof. Dr. Şirin Tekinay received her award from Prof. Hannu-Matti Jarvinen, President of SEFI, at a ceremony held at Barcelona Polytechnic University. In her speech at the ceremony attended by nearly 400 delegates from all over Europe, Prof. Tekinay underlined the growing importance of international solidarity and cooperation in the field of engineering. Prof. Tekinay said: “This year, the map of the SEFI Fellow Award program has been completed with the Eastern tip of Europe. I was born and raised in Istanbul, and at an early age, I chose engineering as a way to improve and develop human life. Today, we know that not only human life, but everything that needs to be done for the sustainability of our world, for life on earth, for peace, requires engineering. So I accept this award in honor of the rightfully worried and angry young people all over the world, especially girls, and I invite all young people to become engineers.” Prof. Dr. Şirin Tekinay is the First Turk to Receive Europe’s Prestigious Engineering Award CEIR (European Association of Faucet and Valve Industrialists), EUROPUMP (European Association of Pump Manufacturers) and PNEUROP (European Association of Compressor, Vacuum Pump, Pneumatic Tools and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturers) associations held their annual meetings and General Assemblies jointly on May 9-10-11, 2022 in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. While the committee, commission, general secretaries, working groups and board meetings of the associations were held separately, the topic of “Sustainability and De-carbonization” was discussed at the joint conference attended by all participants on 10 May 2022. Alexandere Lacour, CEO of Someflu representing EUROPUMP, Nurdan Yücel representing CEIR, Sofia Svingby, Vice President of Sustainability at Atlas Copco representing PNEUROP, Tom Van Ierland, Head of DG Clima from the European Commission and Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of the European Parliament took part in the conference as speakers. Following the joint conference, participants came together in parallel technical sessions. POMSAD President Nurdan Yücel Elected as CEIR President Founded in 1959 and representing 11 countries, 8 of which are EU members, through national associations and companies, CEIR (European Association of Faucet and Valve Industrialists) elected Nurdan Yücel, President of POMSAD (Turkish Pump and Valve Industrialists’ Association) as the President at its General Assembly held on May 10, 2022. Taking over the presidency from her Spanish colleague for a two-year term, Yücel became the first female president in CEIR history. POMSAD has been a member of CEIR, which represents more than 300 companies, a turnover of 11 billion dollars and an employment of 50,000 people, since 2003 and has been representing our country in the CEIR Board of Directors since 2005. 15 2023 News

I-REC Certificate to GF Hakan Plastik The Leading HVAC&R Exhibition ISK-SODEX at its New Venue GF Hakan Plastik, which started to supply energy from renewable sources within the framework of the protocol it realized with ÇOSB (Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone) in the second quarter of 2021 with its energy efficiency and zero carbon emission approach in energy use, received I-REC certificate. Thus, it has documented that electricity is supplied from renewable energy sources in its facilities. Within the framework of the protocol, approximately 4,000 tons of carbon emissions were saved with the green International HVAC&R, Insulation, Pump, Valve, Fitting, Water Treatment, Fire Prevention, Pool and Solar Energy Systems Fair ISK-SODEX will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 25-28 October 2023. The fair, where solutions for the needs of the new world will take place with the motto of Healthy Indoor Climate Solutions, will continue to shape the sector. ISK-SODEX fair will now be held at the Istanbul Expo Center due to its location in the center of the city, offering alterenergy purchased from Aksa Elektrik A.Ş. for the 3rd quarter of 2021. This value is equivalent to 580 laps around the world with a personal vehicle or the contribution of 320,000 trees to nature in a year. In 2022, GF Hakan Plastik will focus on Efficiency Enhancing Projects (VAP) as well as the continuity of the protocol and plans to complete the integration of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard into its quality system by the end of 2022. GF Hakan Plastik also makes a significant contribution to GF’s 2025 sustainability goals with the I-REC certificate, which is considered one of the most useful and most preferred renewable energy certificates of today and the future in renewable energy supply. native transportation options, and new halls built in accordance with the needs of our exhibitors and visitors. We believe that you will have a more effective exhibition experience thanks to the opportunities that the new exhibition area will provide. Visiting Hours: 25 - 27 October (Wednesday - Friday) : 10:00 - 19:00 28 October (Saturday): 10:00 - 18:00 Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık A.Ş. is a member of the Deutsche Messe Group. https://www.sodex.com.tr/en Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye aims to continue its rapid growth in 2022 in 2023 Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye announced its activities in 2022 and plans for 2023. Stating that they achieved growth with their high-end products, product diversity and additional after-sales services despite the negative developments in the world and uncertain economic conditions in Türkiye, Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye President Şevket Saraçoğlu gave positive messages for 2023: “We are the only company where air conditioning and factory automation systems are under the same roof. As Mitsubishi Electric, we offer a wide product and service network ranging from air conditioning solutions preferred in buildings of various scales and features from data centers to hotels, building management systems that control buildings in different locations from a single point, electrical systems that reduce energy consumption, elevators and escalators. This gives us the opportunity to create a significant advantage, difference and synergy. In 2022, we launched our ‘Building Systems’ project, where we offer holistic solutions for the green buildings of the future. We are working on our ‘Data Centers’ project for 2023 and we will carry our synergy much further and present it to our stakeholders. We have been displaying a stable and rising graph in our operations in Türkiye for many years. As Mitsubishi Electric Türkiye, thanks to this success, we won the right to sell factory automation and air conditioning systems products and services to many countries, especially the Turkic Republics in Central Asia, which were affected by the embargoes imposed after the Russian-Ukrainian war, in 2022, and we started our work based in Istanbul. With the experience we have gained in neighboring countries for many years, we will realize very important opportunities and achievements in this geography extending to China in 2023.” 16 2023 News

Levelstate in Turkish Market with Delta Valve Zero Waste Certificate for ODE Insulation Milon Air Conditioning Systems in Türkiye with Airsense Delta Valve, distributor of global companies such as Honeywell, Flowserve, Farris, CDC and Gorth, announced that it has signed a distributorship agreement with UK-based Levelstate. “Levelstate, which provides solutions for level monitoring needs with reliable and maintenance-free technologies, is a global company that also produces high quality two-color level indicators to complement its range of electronic units. Manufacturing boiler drum level monitoring and measurement equipment for the ODE Insulation was awarded the Zero Waste Certificate by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. ODE was awarded this certificate with the Zero Waste Management System established at the ODE Production Campus in Eskişehir, which also won the “Investment of the Year” award at the “Insulation Industry Achievement Awards” in 2018. Stating that they closely follow all activities in the green transformation process, especially the EU Climate Law, with the Energy Efficiency Committee they have established within ODE Insulation, Board Member Tarık Uslu said, “We have come a long way in a short time with the Zero Waste Management System we established within the scope of the Zero Waste Project carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. As of today, we have achieved zero waste in glass and metal, saving 357.8 cubic meters of water. We saved 45.9 cubic meters of landfill space with organic waste and vegetable waste oil, which we also achieved zero waste. Thanks to zero waste motor oil, we saved 84,830 kWh of energy. By recycling 13 tons of paper in one year, we prevented 217.2 trees from being cut down. With the 6 tons of plastic we recycled, we helped use 14,649 liters less oil. With the paper and plastics we recycled, we also prevented the emission of 2,492 kg of greenhouse gases to our planet. In short, we are already very Milon Air Conditioners produced in Midea factories, one of the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturers, started to be offered for sale in Türkiye. Milon Air Conditioners imported by Noor Al-Sharjah Ltd. operating in Jordan, Dubai, Iran and Iraq were offered to the market through the sales network of Istanbul-based Airsense Ltd. Erdinç Küçükkaya, who has worked for many years in managerial positions in Temsa-Teknosa (Mitsubishi Heavy), Enkay (General Electric), Klimaplus (Mitsubishi Electric) and Modern Klima (Midea-Panasonic-Haier) companies, is the General Manager of Airsense Ltd, which sets out with a sales plan of 10 thousand sets in 2022, including 8 thousand sets of wall type split air conditioners and 2 thousand sets of light commercial air conditioners. energy, petrochemical and manufacturing industries, Levelstate’s systems are based on conductivity level probe technology. As a leading global manufacturer of level measurement equipment for steam generating plants, Levelstate’s products close to the zero waste target that Europe wants to achieve by 2050.” Tarık Uslu explained other environmentally friendly practices in the following words: “We are the only insulation company with an environmental product declaration (EPD) in all of our product groups. In addition, a total of 16 of our product series were entitled to receive EPD certificates. We continue our efforts to reduce our energy and water consumption. We continuously carry out improvement projects with A3 and Kaizen. With the solar panel (photovoltaic) that we are currently installing to cover the entire roof of our facility in Eskişehir, we will meet 60 percent of our electricity needs from the sun. This system with an installed capacity of 2,400 kWp, which we aim to commission in March 2022, is actually a start for us. We aim to continue our investments in this field until we meet the entire energy need in our production facilities from renewable energy sources.” are used extensively worldwide in industries as diverse as power, petrochemical, refinery, fertilizer, sugar, paper, cement, metallurgy and chemical. With the distributorship agreement signed with Levelstate, which operates worldwide with its sales and service network, Delta Vana has become the sole authorized name in Türkiye for the sales of hydrastep type electronic drum level gauges, electronic level switches, water columns (pressure vessels), conductivity level probes (electrodes) and remote monitoring units in Levelstate’s product range.” 17 2023 News