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HEATING, VENTILATING, AIR-CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION IN TÜRKİYE • ONE ISSUE PER YEAR • 2022 Türkiye 2021 Energy Policy Review Country Report - March 2021 ISSN 2147-5423 VOLUME 21 www.hvac-turkey.com İSİB News Indoor Air Quality and Effects on Human Health İSKİD Discloses Türkiye Air Conditioning Sector 2021 Data TeamDeeply High, the Ambitious Team of the Solar Decathlon Europe Competition 2022 TARGET: EXCEEDING 30 BILLION DOLLARS INTERVIEW

Aironn’s expertise in fan engineering AIRONN HAVALANDIRMA SAN. A.Ş. Çamlık Mah. Şenol Güneş Bulvarı No: 28A Ümraniye - Istanbul / Turkey Phone: +90 216 594 56 96 Fax: +90 216 594 57 17 E-mail: info@aironn.com.tr www.aironn.com.tr Mult blade Smoke Damper Accord ng to EN 12101-8:2011 Tunnel and Subway Vent lat on Systems Smoke Control Dampers Volume Control and Balanc ng Dampers Grav ty and Pressure Rel ef Back Draft Dampers

Leading Industrial Softwares Ansys CFX Autodesk CFD SES FDS Cement AutoCAD AMCA Accredited Fan Test Laboratory Softwares Developed by Aironn R&D Group Tunnel Boring Ventilation Calculating Software Atrium Fan Selection Software TAP Tunnel Analyzing Software Fan Selection Software Value Engineering, Experience and International Quality …more than 600 mega Project 220 km tunnel vent lat on 18.000.000 m2 park ng area OVIT TUNNELS The Second Longest n Turkey and Fourth n the World - 14,3 km ISTANBUL 3rd AIRPORT Equ pped by 201 Nos Noncorrod ng A ronn Jetfans w th 1250 mm d ameter and 75 kWmotor ORYX FACTORY QATAR NORTHMARMARAMOTORWAY TUNNELS ISTANBUL 31 km tunnel, 14 tube, 1250 mm jetfan ISTANBUL IKITELLI CITY HOSPITAL The World B ggest Bu ld ng w th Se sm c Insulator THE ATATURK CULTURAL CENTER ISTANBUL

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T 2022 Export Target of Türkiye Air Conditioning Sector is 7 Billion Dollars Gökçen Parlar Ünal gokcenparlar@dogayayin.com Editor he Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association (İSKİD) has disclosed the 2021 data of Turkish HVAC industry through a webinar. İSKİD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ayk Serdar Didonyan, who spoke in the webinar, emphasized the export and growth potential of the sector in his presentation and said that the exports of the sector in 2021 stood at 6.2 billion dollars and the target for 2022 was around 7 billion dollars. Didonyan emphasized that in the next 10 years, with an export volume of 25 billion dollars and a domestic market size of 35 billion dollars, the Turkish air conditioning sector was expected to reach a total volume of 60 billion dollars. Seda Olcan, Head of İSKİD Statistics Commission, provided product-based information and said that split air conditioner production exceeded 1.5 million, with 1 million units sold to domestic customers. Olcan noted that in 2021, there was a 42% growth in the domestic market in split, multi split and commercial multi split air conditioners, and she highlighted that record growth was experienced with a 120% increase in split air conditioner exports in the same year. She also said that they expected urban transformation and new houses built to accelerate the sales of split and multi split air conditioners starting from the last quarter of 2022. Olcan, who put emphasis on this matter in her presentation by stating, “Türkiye is the largest VRF market in Europe”, said, “When we look at the VRF/VRV air conditioning market, despite the decrease in public investments, VRF systems are product groups that are less affected by the crisis. Although it was predicted that the VRF market would shrink in 2021 due to the increase in exchange rates and problems in component supply and logistics, the market grew by 7% in domestic sales and 13% in exports on the basis of outdoor units. Again, in parallel with the increase in housing in coastal regions, 20% growth was achieved in the mini VRF market. In the VRF indoor unit market, the VRF indoor unit market closed 2021 with a growth of 14% thanks to the increase in manufacturing against a 13% decrease in imports. 2021’s record export growth rate compared to the last 3 years is an indicator of Türkiye’s success in becoming a regional distribution base for VRF systems”. Volkan Arslan, Member of İSKİD Board of Directors and Statistics Commission, shared the statistical market data on rooftop air conditioner, fan coil, air handling unit and chiller with the participants. Stating that the import rate in rooftop air conditioner product groups contracted by 90% in the period 20182021, Arslan said that the reason for this was that imported products find less space in the market with the increasing number of domestic producers and increased competition. In 2021, he stated that by recovering some of the market lost due to the pandemic, a 25% increase in rooftop air conditioner sales was achieved in the domestic market. Saying that the domestic market size was 600 units, Arslan emphasized that in the domestic market, 37% of the market consisted of gas-powered rooftop air conditioners while 6% covered watercooled package air conditioners. Türkiye’s renewable energy market is extensively active. According to the latest data of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the global renewable energy production capacity reached 3,064 GW by the end of 2021, and its record share in the increase in total capacity reached up to 81%. The Renewable Capacity Statistics 2022 report of the IRENA highlights that although hydroelectric energy has the biggest share in the global renewable energy production capacity with 1,230 GW, solar and wind energy are dominating the capacity of the new production. Türkiye ranks 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in terms of installed renewable energy power. Through government incentives and new investments, renewable energy market has gained a place in Türkiye’s ever-growing active markets. 3 2022

Global equipment manufacturer EBARA signed an agreement to purchase the entire shares of Vansan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pumping systems in Türkiye. Following this investment, Vansan will continue to function as a competitive and high-tech regional manufacturing base for EBARA. Türkiye’s strategic location will provide EBARA with efficient and cost-effective access to key markets in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, with its young and well-educated professional population of more than 28 million, Türkiye offers a very broad pool of skilled workforce with a very competitive cost structure. This acquisition will also further strengthen EBARA’s supply chain management and increase the company’s competitiveness in the global markets. Founded in 1964, Vansan is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pumping systems in Türkiye and neighboring countries, with a turnover of approximately USD 70 million. Vansan is an innovation-driven company with a robust in-house R&D infrastructure and a wide array of technical competencies. Focusing on water technologies, its product portfolio includes submersible pumps and motors, as well as vertical turbine pump systems used in the sectors of agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, and geothermal energy. Vansan exports about 70% of its production to more than 70 countries thanks to its strong international distribution network, operating two production plants in İzmir and employing about 600 people. “First of all, we foresee a growth in Türkiye’s foreign trade volume in 2022. We organize and take part in fairs, trade delegation visits and purchasing delegation with the help of our exporters to increase our share in the global markets. Additionally, we increase our intellectual added value through initiatives such as İSİB’s Foreign Trade Intelliegence Center and Product Search Engine. We are currently working on a global communication strategy with the objective of transforming the limits of accessibility into a model of global inclusion. With the help of this strategy, we are seeking to enhance the prestige of our sector in the global markets and increase the material and brand value of our sectoral products. We are also paying very close attention to the potential impacts of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to be implemented by the European Union. We are working together in making sure that our sector is ready for this process.” EBARA Invests in Türkiye with Vansan Ebitt, one of the global players in the pump and fluid technologies market, strengthens its presence in the Ukrainian market with its impeccable track record of happy customers. Wastewater pumps of the city of Biliaivka in Odessky region, water fire-fighting station of the gas station in Brovary in Kiev region, pumping units for irrigation in Odessky region, as well as pumps operated in the paper mill in the city of Iziaslav in Khmelnytskyi region and Obukhiv paper mill in Kiev region all bear the distinctive quality stamp of Ebitt. Ebitt is now showing its international strength in pump and fluid technologies in the Ukrainian paper industry. The clean water pumps of the paper mill located in the city of Iziaslav belong to Ebitt’s N 100-200 series with a capacity of 200 m3/h. Ebit t’s SC-HDS series pumps, used for high viscosities, with impellers statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 Class 6.3 and tested according to ISO 9906, are operated at the Obukhiv paper mill processing plant in the Kiev region. Ebitt Grows in the Ukrainian Market 4 2022 News

Bülbül Mah. Irmak Cad. No:40, 34435 Beyoğlu / İstanbul / TURKEY Phone: +90 (212) 250 15 00 pbx Fax: +90 (212) 250 15 89 E-ma l: sat s@fr goterm.com.tr www.frigoterm.com.tr Ax al Fan Coldroom Led Lighting Systems

170 metric tons of green bananas can be processed at the Banana Ripening Plant with six independent rooms built by Termokon in Baku, Azerbaijan. Four of the double-story rooms in the project have a capacity of 32 pallets with each pallet containing 56 boxes. There are 1,792 boxes in a room. The other two rooms have a capacity of 16 pallets. Similarly, pallets contain 56 boxes with 896 boxes available in total. The project design was carried out by Termokon’s UK partner with 23 years of experience. Automation systems and all equipment, as well as specially designed gas-tight sectional doors came from the Netherlands. The fact that the sandwich panels used for insulation are locked gives the company a great advantage. The project used panels manufactured at Termokon’s own plants. Likewise, Termokon also did the manufacturing of the cooling equipment for this project. During installation and testing, the British project partner trained the plant investor and operator about the automation system. Agon Mekanik, founded in 2014 to sell indoor air quality and energy efficiency products and systems, launched the air cur tains of 2VV, an air conditioning manufacturer from the Czech Republic, onto the Turkish market starting in January. On the occasion of the addition of the brand 2VV to its portfolio, following in the footsteps of Swegon, Madel, Kampmann, Krantz, Hidros, Innova, Barış Eryayar, a company official, said the following, “We are pleased to inTermokon Opens a New Banana Ripening Room, Adding to Its Past Track Record Agon Mekanik to Market 2VV Air Curtains in Türkiye Prof. Birol Kılkış was awarded the title of “Life Member”, given to active members who have served ASHRAE for 30 years and are over 65 years old. Because of his international successes, Prof. Kılkış had become a Fellow Member of ASHRAE in 2003, where he had a seat on various technical committees. Prof. Kılkış was named Distinguished Lecturer a year later and received the Distinguished Service and Exceptional Service awards in 2008. Kılkış, who is one of the rare winners of these two awards and who also did the revision work for the ASHRAE manuals, is a regional distinguished lecturer of the international professional organization. Prof. Kılkış, an international expert in green and sustainable buildings, as well as designing exergy-based solutions for carbon emissions, energy Flexiva left behind another year in which its sustainable growth model proved successful; achieving growth in 2020 well above its targets, not only on a turnover but also on a product/packaging basis. Alongside this growth trend, reflected in both domestic and foreign markets, Flexiva continued to invest to strengthen and expand its production infrastructure. Intended to increase production volumes to respond to rising demand, such investments will also see targets for 2021 considerably raised. Flexiva, fur ther strengthening its presence in the Euroefficiency, exergy rationality and regional energy systems, has patents to his name on new generation hybrid solar energy systems and heat pumps. pean market each year, now has France rising to third place on its list of most lucrative markets after Israel and Poland. The company intends to underpin its leading position in the flexible air duct market with a new game-changing product line which it is preparing to launch. Prof. Birol Kılkış Makes the Technical and Scientific Community in Türkiye Proud Flexiva Beyond Its Targets in 2020 troduce 2VV’s air curtains to the Turkish market, offering innovative ventilation systems with design, testing and production technology from the production stage to after-sales in air curtains, air heaters, heat recovery and ventilation units. 2VV is a leading company in Europe, especially in air curtain systems. Its products are used in 45 countries around the world. 2VV air curtains, which provide a convenient user experience, as well as being efficient, thrifty and noiseless, will be in our stocks soon, and all sales and after-sales services will be provided by our company”. 6 2022 News

Hisense Eastern Europe Design Competition Awards Delivered The Hisense Eastern Europe Design Competition, which started on September 15, 2020, featuring valuable projects by more than 30 participants, ended with an award ceremony held online on December 4, 2020. First place went to the Burç Istanbul Project by Turhan Karakaya of Proje Istanbul. Second place was jointly claimed by the design solutions of Göktuğ Şimşek from DWG Mühendislik and Volkan Özyurt from Taş Mühendislik. Serbia and Türkiye shared the third place. While the projects of Özden Hız from Kur Mühendislik, Burcu Doğan from Tümaş Müşavirlik and Güniz Gacaner Ermin from GG Mühendislik received the third prize, the “Best Integrated HVAC Solution” award went to Mehmet Bilgin of Merkezi Isıtma Sistemleri Mühendislik. Ayvaz Grows Globally in 2020 Grundfos Makes Türkiye the Head Office for 81 Countries On the 75th anniversary of its foundation, Grundfos underwent a very important change in its organizational structure. The company, which underwent a global transformation by embracing a much more customer-oriented structure, restructured all its units to offer specialized services to four different customer segments. While new appointments were made in line with the organizational restructuring, Türkiye became the headquarters of the IMEA region of Grundfos Industry Group. The IMEA region, which spans across 81 countries in Central Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa, and Türkiye, is Grundfos’ investment focus, because it is a sprawling region in need of genuine solutions to its water problems. In line with Grundfos’ restructuring, Burak Gürkan, Regional Director for Türkiye and Central Asia, was appointed IMEA Regional Director of Grundfos Industry Group, effective January 1, 2021. Gürkan will be responsible for managing industry group teams and activities in the IMEA region. Under the new restructuring, Işıl Aksoy was appointed Director of Marketing and Business Development for the IMEA region of the Grundfos Industry Group. Aksoy will take over operations in the Middle East, India and Africa regions, in addition to her ongoing duties in Türkiye and Central Asia, and will be responsible, together with her team, for implementing the Grundfos Industry Group’s brand and sales development strategies in the region, which includes a total of 81 countries. In the expanding organization, the Human Resources operations will also be managed from Türkiye. The role of Human Resources Director for the region was handed over to Nilgün Atıcı, who had been with Grundfos since 2013. Ali Rıza Dağlıoğlu was named the new Regional Sales Director responsible for the sales of Commercial Building Services (CBS) segment in the region covering eight countries (Türkiye, TRNC, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan). Despite the pandemic that has its mark on 2020, Ayvaz achieved growth targets above expectations while adding new chapters to its success story, having taken wise corporate actions, adopted savvy business strategies and taken vital international steps. The company, turning its global experience into an advantage and achieving serious growth in 2020, never ceased manufacturing at its plants in Russia, Bulgaria, China and Poland, and Türkiye. Thanks in particular to Ayvaz’s structuring in China, its partnership with a major Chinese group and the subsequent strengthening of its presence, the company grew by 300 percent last year, breaking a growth record among Ayvaz Group companies. During the pandemic, Ayvaz focused on research and development activities; increasing its investments in technology by 100%. Ayvaz, which boasts the industry’s first and only officially approved R&D center established on an area of 400 square meters at its central factory in Hadımköy, continued its efforts with added energy to develop “national” equivalents of imported products, with its team of 24 people during the pandemic. The R&D center completed its 1-year work plan in as little as three months. Maintaining the strategy of “becoming a local company in all corners of the world” in foreign trade, Ayvaz decided to take a more active role in the AsiaPacific region, strengthening its corporate presence by buying offices and warehouses in Vietnam, a country full of so much investment potential that has been growing steadily over the last five years. The establishment of a production plant in Vietnam followed by Indonesia and Malaysia will set the agenda for the coming period. Ayvaz-branded compensators were selected for the Kuwait New Palace of Justice, which, when completed, will be the largest judicial building in the Middle East. Ayvaz put its mark under more than 40 prestigious and special projects carried out in many other countries in addition to Kuwait such as Mexico, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Macedonia, including the United Kingdom and the United States, which were all completed in 2020. 7 2022 News

“Aqueous Radiant Panels” of Italian Sabiana Brought to Türkiye by Çukurova Isı Çukurova Isı announced that it had signed a distributorship agreement with the Italian company Sabiana for its “aqueous radiant panels.” Under the agreement, Çukurova Isı will be marketing Sabiana’s “aqueous radiant panel” product line across Türkiye through its broad dealer network in 81 cities. Çukurova Isı, offering a complete system solution from initial assessment to project design, from sales to commissioning, provides convenient and thrifty heating solutions for factories, warehouses, hangars, cafés, restaurants, gyms, airports, offices, hotels, schools and hospitals with its aqueous radiant panels. Commenting on the agreement, Osman Ünlü, Marketing Manager of Çukurova Isı, said, “We aim to provide uncompromising customer satisfaction by diversifying our product range for heating of spaces and processes according to our customers’ needs and expectations. In this context, we are pleased to join forces with Sabiana, one of Italy’s leading brands in air conditioning since 1929, to expand our product portfolio of advanced technologies”. Boreas air conditioners, popular in Spain, Australia, Dubai, the UK and many other countries, were shipped to Germany last month for the first time. With its accredited cer tifi - cates, high quality material and high energy ef f iciency solutions, Boreas, which sells comfort, data center, pool dehumidification solutions and hygiene equipment, as well as fan coil units, heat recovery units and Samsung VRF products, found itself a place in projects led by leading global brands delivering quality from Türkiye to the whole world. Having once again proven that it manufactures world-class products with deliveries to a key country in Europe in the HVAC industry, Boreas will set a benchmark for its growth in Europe with its sales to Germany. Commenting on the development, Boreas General Manager Müge Lülecioğlu said, “We managed to maintain our steady growth despite the pandemic last year. Our goal is to grow our active customer base twice as much in 2021 with our innovative, high-quality production approach focused on the needs of our customers. Exporting our products to Germany is a valid testimony to Boreas’ cutting-edge technology and quality. The sheer volume of demand we receive and the needs of the global HVAC industry show that our market share in Europe will continue to grow and you will hear our name often”. Thermocold Products Brought to Türkiye by Boreas Boreas has been providing high-tech system solutions for nearly two decades and has signed a par tnership agreement with Thermocold, the leader in the Italian HVAC industry. Under the partnership agreement, Boreas will begin offering Thermocold Cooling products (chillers) in the Turkish market and continue to cater to customer requirements for industrial technology. Boreas Quality Approved by Germans Real Alternatives Consortium held its ordinary meeting on March 24, 2021 with participants from 21 countries and SOSİAD representing Türkiye. The consortium continues to grow with the participation of MOPIA (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association) from Canada, one of the countries offering Real Alternatives training and certification exams. AREA, one of the founding partners of Real Alternatives consortium, discussed its proposals for the revision of the EU F-Gas regulation at the meeting. REAL Alternatives provides learning and certification opportunities for alternative and natural refrigerants through both e-learning and hands-on training. The program has so far produced more than 1,000 certificates through authorized centers in member countries reaching out to more than 7,000 users through the e-learning platform. With its 30 years of experience, VENCO continues its activities by placing great emphasis on R&D and P&D. As one of the leading companies in the industry with its increasing export volume and new spate of investments, VENCO Air Conditioning’s 60th export destination became the Republic of Niger in West Africa followed by the Republic of Mozambique in East Africa. VENCO has expanded its product line over the past three years to include F400 ventilation fans for parking lots and air handling units, while successfully completing its digital transformation and going fully corporate. Real Alternatives 4 LIFE Project 2021 First Stakeholder Meeting Held Niger in West Africa, VENCO’s 60th Export Destination 8 2022 News

UNIDO released an interactive flipbook titled “Montreal Protocol and Beyond: 17 stories along the journey from ozone layer protection to sustainable development”. The Turkish Demonstration Project implemented by SOSİAD was cited as an example of the seventh of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the book. The section “SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy” on pages 20 and 21 of the book provides information on project processes and outcomes. The book said the following about the project: “The Turkish government is aware of the pressure on the energy grids and climate caused by the electricity consumption of refrigeration systems and so joined forces with the Association of Refrigeration Industry Businesspeople (SOSİAD) and UNIDO to promote energy-efficient and climate-friendly refrigeration solutions for the cooling of commercial units in Türkiye. They sought to find the most suitable alternatives to HCFC-22 in terms of environmental sustainability, reduced operating costs, and energy ef ficiency. The project team, which sought to raise awareness of the technical feasibility and potential benefits of lowGWP refrigerants, proved that they were more beneficial in pilot applications with new equipment using low-GWP refrigerants, reducing both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For industries facing the challenge of replacing HCFC-22 powered equipment, it has served as a valuable source of information on current technologies, potential solutions, and future trends. In addition, end users and technology providers were able to see how these technologies work in real time. The project was an important step in diversifying such initiatives and scaling these technologies. The partners placed equal importance on environmental sustainability, human safety and energy efficiency at every stage of this project, recognizing that each are key to sustainable development”. SOSİAD Mentioned in the Book “Montreal Protocol and Beyond” of UNIDO with its Successful Project Termokon’s expertise in industrial refrigeration is gaining the trust of plant investors who seek reliable refrigeration systems, both at home and abroad. Tanzania’s largest slaughterhouse in Soga Ci t y, about three hours from Dar es Salaam has a daily processing capacity of 4,000 cattle and 8,000 small livestock. Red meat is an extremely important component of the agricultural food sector in Tanzania and an important source of foreign exchange. However, success in this sector depends on the use of high technologies in meat processing and preservation under suitable conditions. For this reason, selecting the right contractor and technologies is of great importance for Tanzania’s largest slaughterhouse. The meat processing plant, which exports 90% of its production, mainly to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait, has two rooms capable of quick freezing at -40°C, as well as frozen storage rooms that keep products fresh by keeping them at -18, -20°C. Termokon Adds Tanzania’s Largest Slaughterhouse to Its Global Footprint Termokon per formed turnkey production of cold storage sandwich panels, all section doors, as well as refrigeration system equipment for the mega project. In its projects, Termokon primarily focuses on maintaining the economic value of products that need refrigerating while also improving businesses’ finances. Termokon’s signature plants help businesses reduce their environmental footprint and maximize their profitability thanks to considerable energy savings and trouble- and waste-free operation. 10 2022 News

Daikin to Produce VRV Systems in Türkiye Starting in January 2022, Daikin will start to manufacture in Türkiye the VRV central air conditioning system which it currently manufactures at its factories across Europe. Daikin Türkiye, adding to its capacity by 50,000 units through a €15 million investment in Hendek, Sakarya will export 80 percent of its production to the Middle East and Africa. Hasan Önder, CEO of Daikin, said, “With this investment, we aim to attract a market worth 100 million euros from Europe to Türkiye”. Adding that they were also working to bring Daikin’s global investments to Türkiye, Önder continued, “Daikin Türkiye’s 11-fold growth in the last 10 years boosted confidence in Türkiye. Daikin VRV systems were looking at ways to increase production capacity. And they were convinced to pick Türkiye as their new expansion base”. Pointing out that Daikin was by far the leader in the air conditioning sector with its R&D, innovation and technology, Önder said, “Although there was a decline in our sector during the pandemic, Daikin Türkiye did not backtrack on its investment goals”. Termokon-Technology to Look After the Atmosphere Controlled Cold Storage Facility in Qusar, Azerbaijan Termokon’s cold storage systems and equipment were chosen for the 6,619-square-metered cold storage space under construction in Azerbaijan’s Qusar district. A major part of the new cold storage facility, which will be of great importance to the region, was designed to have an atmosphere control feature. The plant consists of 30 independent sectionsrooms. The plant with 21 rooms featuring an atmosphere control system, also has a blast chiller room with a processing capacity of 20 metric tons in six hours, as well as eight standard chillers. Standard cold rooms were designed taking into account the technical requirements for the storage of dates. There are systems for precise humidity control in the rooms which feature specially designed evaporators. It is planned to store mainly apples, pears and peaches in the plant. Working with global organizations with extensive experience and credentials in the designing of cold storage plants, Termokon added air-cooled chillers with glycol to its production program for the Qusar Cold Storage Plant. Termokon chiller groups to be used for this plant will have a capacity of 9*40 HP (360 HP *2 units). 11 2022 News

Designed as a “Smart City” in the Republic of Mauritius, Tribeca Central is being built with the latest technologies to improve quality of life, safety and sustainability. Tribeca Central is a mega development project with premium offices, shopping and entertainment centers, flats, accommodation, sports and cultural spaces. This project also includes the largest parking lot in the country. Aironn parking solutions, from A to Z, will operate at the parking lot, which is divided into 19 separate zones. Tribeca Central, to be built on 150,000 square meters of space, will serve a vital function for Mauritius as a finance stronghold. This project, which will be the catalyst for urban development in Mauritius, will create a modern, seamless business environment for financial services companies, multinationals, local businesses and technology companies. Aironn A.Ş. exports a system solution for the largest parking lot in Mauritius, together with jet fans, the J-Smart intelligent jet fan system and all automation equipment. The Aironn project and sales team say they have been working on this project with great energy and enthusiasm: “We want to see Aironnbranded devices and advanced technology across all parts of the world. Although Mauritus Tribeca Central is an international project of significant scope, what is most important to us is that we have taken another step towards realizing this aspiration. At Aironn, we want to make our country’s air conditioning systems known in new locations”. KSB’s CEO Dr. Stephan Timmerman did a video presentat ion showing to a global audience KSB’s production plants in Ankara. The video, which showcased integrated motor and electronic pumps manufactured in high-tech robotic production lines and advanced production technologies, featured modern production lines using many of the Industry 4.0 components such as Cobots, sensors, data collection systems, as well as new generation products manufactured in Ankara and exported to all corners of the world. Investments in new products and systems are continuing to keep the plant in Ankara up-to-date, with all employees continuing their R&D and growth activities at full speed, taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by advanced technology. The KSB factory, the 301st R&D center in Türkiye, ranked 283rd in Türkiye in terms of R&D spending in 2019 and 81st in Türkiye in the Inovalig ranking (innovation rating). The KSB factory was also included within Ministry of Finance’s 5th Zone for incentivized businesses. Moreover, with factory investments made from scratch according to Industry 4.0, it became the center of the industry opening up to the world. KSB manufactures locally state-of-theart products and services for Türkiye, provides significant added value and creates jobs; exporting its advanced technology products to developed countries, particularly Germany. Dr. Stephan Timmerman Unveils KSB’s Production Plants in Ankara for the Whole World to See Aironn Devices to be Deployed in Tribeca Central, the Smart City of Mauritius Üntes, boasting a presence all over the world with exports to more than 50 countries, is a global brand in high demand for air conditioning of hygienic locations abroad, as well as urban hospitals across Türkiye. Chosen by the Phenicia Clinic in Hammam Sousse, Tunisia, which offers a full range of service to its patients across a spectrum of branches, capable of accommodating 150 patients treated from a multidisciplinary perspective, Üntes became the project’s air conditioning partner offering Eurovent-certified fan coil units, high-pressure air terminal units and packaged hygienic ventilation units, which were shipped in July and will be commissioned in September. Üntes Becomes Air Conditioning Partner of Phenicia Clinic 12 2022 News

AD Scientific Index has released its list of the 10,000 most prolific scientists in the world for 2021. Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı, lecturer at the Faculty of Energy Systems Engineering, Yaşar University, was among the 44 scientists from Türkiye included in the list. Prof. Hepbaşlı, who is also a Principal Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA), ranked 67th in the world and the 10th in Europe in his field. Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı, included in the lists of the world’s most influential scientists compiled by various organizations, said that publications and citations were of great impor tance in the world of sci - ence and that he was proud to occupy a top spot in such a list. TÜBA’s Principal Member Prof. Hepbaşlı, who is one of the leading scientists in our country with his seminal works in the field of energy, has also a seat in the Selçuk Yaşar Award Selection Committee. Arif Hepbaşlı’s research focuses on energy and exergy-based analyses and assessments, as well as sustainable energy technologies. Prof. Hepbaşlı’s research also covers studies on energy efficiency and management systems, energy saving in vehicles, use of renewable energy in buildings and ensuring energy efficiency, geothermal heat pumps and their applications, evaluation of the environmental impact of energy use in buildings, and various energy-related applications that could be beneficial for our country. Prof. Hepbaşlı takes part in the organization of various national and international scientific events while also undertaking duties as a reviewer and editor in many national and international journals on energy. Türkiye Ranks Third in the World in Foreign Contracting Jobs with Its 40 Companies The World’s Top 250 International Contractors” list for 2021 was released. Published by the international construction journal ENR (Engineering News Record) and followed with interest by business circles around the world, the list is based on contractors’ revenues from their activities abroad in the previous year. Despite the contraction of the international construction market by 11.1% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Türkiye managed to remain in the list with 40 companies. Despite the exceptional circumstances, Türkiye ranked third in the list behind China with 78 companies and the USA with 41 companies. Türkiye’s share of the global contracting market was reported at 4.4 percent. 7 Turkish Companies in the Top 100 List In the international contracting market, which has shrunk overshadowed by COVID-19, the U.S. has risen to second place, to replace Türkiye which had held onto its position for more than a decade, right behind China with 41 companies in the ENR list. The number of Turkish contractors that were among the top 100 companies in the 2021 list according to their international project revenues was seven. Among the top 30 international construction companies was also a Turkish construction company. With sales of USD 18.3 billion generated by Turkish construction companies, Türkiye took a 4.4 percent share of the global market, ranking eighth in the world. The activities of Turkish companies were concentrated in Europe (USD 8 billion), which also contained Russia, the principal market, followed by the Middle East (USD 5.9 billion). Referring to the ENR 250 list, M. Erdal Eren, President of the Turkish Contractors Association (TMB), said, “Despite the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic that has shaken the whole world and a shrinking market, our companies have achieved important successes. Owing to the stellar performance of our companies, our country ranks third in the world after China and the USA. This year we gave our second place in the world, which we have held for a long time, to the USA by a margin of one company, only to get it back. We are also proud that 34 of our 40 companies on the list are members of our association. At TMB, we see ourselves as the center of international contracting services. For us to see major infrastructure projects getting off the ground for the coming period, to support the recovery of the global economy, gives us hope. Our goal, set before the pandemic, to reach a new annual contract value of 20 billion USD for foreign operations in the short term remains true. In the medium term, we are targeting 50 billion USD worth of new international projects annually”. Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı in the List of “Most Successful Scientists” International Assignment from TROX Türkiye at TROX Group In addition to his current role, Özcan Kök, General Manager of TROX Türkiye, was appointed director responsible for TROX Group’s investments in Egypt, Türkiye and the Middle East, headquartered in Germany. Regional investments: TROX TIBA S.A.E., the new production center in Cairo, Egypt, established jointly with TIBA El Manzalawi Group for the North, East Africa and Middle East, as well as TROX Middle East LLC and TROX Türkiye, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. 14 2022 News

165 Turkish Companies Attend The Big 5 Show - Dubai Fair Bringing the Middle East’s construction industry together under one roof and the largest trade show in its region, The Big 5 Show Dubai brought together industry professionals, experts and international company representatives from around the world for the 41st time from September 12-15, 2021. More than 1,200 companies participated in the show featuring businesses from 50 different countries with Türkiye represented by 20 companies. Türkiye, joining Çukurova Isı Becomes the European Production Base of Roberts-Gordon from the USA Çukurova Isı A.Ş. signed a license agreement with the American Roberts-Gordon LLC, for which it had been functioning as a distributor in Türkiye and the Middle East for more than 30 years, for the production of Blackheat branded tubular radiant heaters, becoming the company’s “European Production Base”. All Roberts-Gordon’s Blackheat products will from now on will be manufactured in Türkiye by Çukurova Isı, and exported from Türkiye. With this agreement, Çukurova Isı will be producing Blackheat’s Tubular Radiant Heating Systems that it previously imported from the U.S. at its Gebze factory under the Roberts Gordon license, export these CE-marked products to all EU countries and the United Kingdom, as well as countries around Türkiye. After signing the agreement, which took the cooperation with Roberts-Gordon LLC that started 30 years ago to the next level, Ömer Cihad Vardan, Chairman of the Board of Çukurova Isı, said, “We have successfully maintained our cooperation with Roberts-Gordon LLC., which started in 1991, until today. Now we are pleased to take this cooperation to the next level with the license agreement we have signed for the production of Blackheat branded radiant heating systems in our country”. Vardan said, “We will make a significant contribution to our country’s exports by exporting these products that are now being produced in Türkiye. This is because within the framework of this cooperation, we have not only obtained the license to manufacture in Türkiye, but also the right to export these products to neighboring countries, EU countries and the UK. We are therefore very pleased to play a significant role in helping to reduce our country’s foreign trade deficit”. Objective 2023: Doubling of turnover and export to the USA Vardan also explained Çukurova Isı’s short-term goals, saying, “We want to double the production and sales of Blackwith the second largest number of companies, cut a bold figure in the fair this year with 165 companies. Sheikh Mansoor Pays a Visit to Turkish Companies Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who opened the fair on September 12, and Helal Saeed Al Marri, General Manager of Dubai Tourism and Trade Marketing Department, visited the stands of Turkish companies during heat branded tubular radiant heaters, and thus double our turnover by 2023. In addition, one of our most important goals is to be able to export the products first to the EU countries and then to the USA, the country we have been importing from for years. In short, by expanding the scope of our cooperation on both a product and volume basis, we aim to make Çukurova Isı, and thus our country, not only Roberts-Gordon’s “European Production Base”, but also one of the world’s production bases”. their tour of the fair, spoke to the Turkish authorities and received detailed information about the products, which clearly showed that recent bilateral talks and the thaw in political relations had made significant progress. Belgium Puts its Stamp of Approval Under NEFFES Boasting 56 years of experience and a robust R&D infrastructure, FORM developed its state of the art air cleaner NEFFES during the coronavirus pandemic when the whole attention of the industry turned to air purification in indoor spaces. NEFFES, designed with cutting-edge technology, demonstrates superior performance in destroying bacteria such as Serratia marcescens and Bacillus subtilis, which threaten the health of newborns, as well as fungi (Cladosporium sphaerospermum), which are one of the most difficult microorganisms in the air to eliminate. NEFFES Air Cleaner, 100 percent locally produced at Form’s factory in İzmir, makes indoor air safe from harmful microorganisms with its 4-filter structure including HEPA filter, and UV-C disinfection technology. NEFFES has proven its mettle in tests carried out by the Belgian Minist ry of Heal th taking its place among qualityapproved devices. Wi th this document, NEFFES became an authorized seller in Belgium. 15 2022 News

D’hondt Thermal Solutions and Friterm announced publicly that after three years of successful cooperation, they were structuring their partnership into a joint venture. Announcing the name of the new company as D’hondt - Friterm Thermal Solutions, the two companies announced that the goal of this initiative was to promote the use of Friterm and DHTS products worldwide in plants such as power plants and data centers, as well as for the oil and gas industry, and take part in major projects, as a supplier or installer. In a statement on the subject, Friterm General Manager Naci Şahincommented that they continued to grow in the international markets saying, “We export to all continents of the world, there are areas in which we specialize. We are able to target highly competitive markets, distant countries, countries and customer groups asking for high quality products. Our export focus contains countries like Australia, India, Thailand, etc. With the new structuring of our business, we are aiming at operating more effectively in the international market. I believe that thanks to this joint venture we will execute so many other projects in the global markets. Friterm operates as a manufacturer. With D’hondt - Friterm Thermal Solutions, we now have the infrastructure to manage various projects that go beyond the role of a manufacturer”. Friterm General Manager Naci Şahin stated that the years 2020-2021 were especially focused on investment in new plants for Friterm, and that they also continued to develop new products in the industrial segment, and that they wished to flex their muscles further in the international market in 2022. Friterm Consolidates Its Power with a Joint Venture with D’Hondt Thermal Solutions Çukurova Isı’s Sales Manager and Board Member of the Air Conditioning Industry Exporters’ Association (İSİB), Kerem Ünlü, was elected Vice President of the “European Gas Fired Radiant Heater Manufacturers Association” (ELVHIS), which brings together the gasfired radiant heater industry in Europe. Kerem Ünlü said the following on the development: “It is a great honor for me to be elected vice president of ELVHIS, which brings our industry together at the international level, plays an active role in shaping the standards of our industry both in the EU and other continents, and carries out projects that contribute to our industry in terms of energy efficiency and product quality, and to be the first Turkish person to be appointed to this position. Together with our new board members and our chairman, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedhelm Schlösser, we will continue to conduct successful initiatives to support the development of the European market for gas-fired radiant heaters worldwide”. Countries attending the United Nat ions Wor ld Cl imate Summit (COP26) discussed climate change in all its aspects in a series of events they organized in their own pavilions. And one of these countries was Türkiye. In representation of organizations from the business world, the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) took part in the panel on “Positive Impact of Energy Efficiency Activities on Türkiye’s Fight against Climate Change”, organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Who is Kerem Ünlü? Kerem Ünlü completed his undergraduate education in mechanical engineering at Yıldız Technical University in 2000 and received his master’s degree in mechatronics from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in Germany in 2003. He began his career in 2004 at Çukurova Isı A.Ş., where he now works as a sales manager. Ünlü is also a board member of the Air Conditioning Industry Exporters’ Association (İSİB) and a delegate to the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly. Kerem Ünlü Becomes the First Turk to be Elected Vice President of ELVHIS TÜRKONFED Attends the World Climate Summit TÜRKONFED Board Member and Green Transformation Commission Member Onur Ünlü gave a presentation titled “First Fuel Energy Efficiency Potential Towards a Carbon Neutral Industry” at the panel. Ünlü, who provided information on the importance of energy efficiency, spoke about sustainable energy management processes, barriers faced by businesses, how to overcome these, and government support. Ünlü also addressed the energy efficiency potential of industrial plants and commercial buildings in Türkiye in his presentation. 16 2022 News

he 2021 data of the air conditioning sector was discussed in the webinar “İSKİD Evaluates 2021 Data of Turkish Air Conditioning Sector” organized by İSKİD. On Tuesday, April 26, İSKİD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN, İSKİD Statistics Commission Head Seda Olcan and İSKİD Board of Directors and Statistics Commission Member Volkan Arslan took part in the digital meeting. In the event, the topics of “İSKİD activities, Türkiye Market and Export Data and the Status of the Sector in the World, İSKİD Statistics Collection Process and Collection of Data in Digital Environment, Data Collection Period, Product Groups for which Data is Collected, How to Access Statistics, Data, Trends and Forecasts on the Basis of Product Groups” were discussed. The webinar also included a Q&A session. İSKİD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN, who made the opening speech of the webinar and welcomed the participants, emphasized the export and growth potential of the sector in his presentation and said that the exports of the sector in 2021 stood at 6.2 billion dollars and the target for 2022 was around 7.0 billion dollars. Continuing his words, DİDONYAN said, “In the next 10 years, with an export volume of 25 billion dollars and a domestic market size of 35 billion dollars, the Turkish air conditioning sector is expected to reach a total volume of 60 billion dollars.” Ayk Serdar DİDONYAN, in his speech, which he continued after explaining the sector export data, said, “The air conditioning sector, 90% of which we represent as an association, is a production base for air conditioning in our country with its ability to easily adapt to technology, produce prodT ucts that comply with energy efficiency standards and quickly introduce environmentally friendly products to the market in compliance with European Union regulations.” Seda OLCAN, Head of İSKİD Statistics Commission, explained the methods of collecting and publishing İSKİD Statistics in her presentation. Stating that statistical data is collected in a total of 27 categories in the product groups of 92 companies from İSKİD Members, Seda OLCAN stated that non-İSKİD Member companies can also provide data to the statistical study in these categories. She added that the companies that provide statistical data can have the reports in the product group they provide data free of charge, but they can receive statistical reports for different categories for a fee. She added that companies that do not have data can also receive the statistical report for a fee. İSKİD Discloses Türkiye Air Conditioning Sector 2021 Data 18 2022 Actual