HVAC-R Turkey | 2009 Yearly Issue

ISBN 975-97305-5-3 Coolexpo2009 HEATING, VENTILATING, AIR-CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION IN TURKEY ¥ ONE ISSUE PER YEAR ¥ 2009 TURKEY HVAC&R INDUSTRY -TODAY Clima2010 RehvaWorldCongress VOLUME / ŽŒ… 8 Ž’Ž‹…ˆ…, Ž•‹€†„…ˆ…, ‚…’ˆ‹Ÿ–ˆŸ, ŠŽ„ˆ–ˆŽˆŽ‚€ˆ… ¥ ˆ‡„€…’‘Ÿ Ž„ˆ €‡ ‚ ƒŽ„ ¥ 2009 ’urkey ’óðöèß Verheugen: ÒTurkey'sgrowthspeed will continueat anabove-average levelÓ Life-longLearning Approach in Turkey ”åðõîéãåí "’åìïû ðàçâèòèß ’óðöèè áóäóò âûøå ñðåäíåìèðîâîãî ïîêàçàòåëß" îäõîä ïîæèçíåííîãî îáó÷åíèß â ’óðöèè ˜àíñ ãëîáàëüíîãî êðèçèñà: ’óðöèè Š‹ˆŒ€ 2010 ¥ 10-ûé ‚ñåìèðíûé êîíãðåññ REHVA ˆíäóñòðèß HVAC&R ’óðöèè - ‘åãîäíß An opportunity in the global financial crisis: Turkey